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Refugee and military tentmanufacturer!

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    System-tents and military shelter manufactured by Nanjing Sanchuan Pavilion Manufacturing Co. Ltd., since 1954.

    We are a large professional tent manufacturer for emergency shelter and military tents. Our Loyal Workforce, many work with us over 20 years, is highly skilled in metal and fabric works. To combine our skills with specialised machinery. we can produce all kinds of tents and shelter in any size.
    Currently we produce Emergency Shelter for refugees, refugee tents, military tents, administration shelters, wedding tents, garden pavilions, carport and Mongolian round tents (Yurts).
    Conscious about the environment and health we archived CAS Certification.

    System-tents and emergency shelter available units for urgent shipments!

    Very adapt to create according to client designs we welcome customers own designs and product development. Our mission is to deliver high quality emergency shelter supplies according to international and UN approved standards at low pricing. Different system-tents of high quality shelters we keep quantities for ready shipments anytime – anywhere. For more information please by email
      We produce custom sizes and custom designs for  emergency shelters supplies, refugee tents and military shelter with short delivery time as we always keep large stock of materials in our factory. All our designs are made of sturdy frames and resistant, durable fabrics. For details please click on each design for a further description.

     We apply advanced production technology, rigid quality control and efficient management methods to ensure that every shipment is up to international standard.

    System-tents Customer Design

    As a widely recognises OEM manufacturer we design, develop and produce all kinds of refugee tents, emergency shelter, pavilions, military tents and car ports successfully for almost 50 years. We welcome you to ask for more information about us, our products and of course the possibility to create your own design shelter.


    For more system-tents designs please also visit our secondary homepage

    Your System-Tents Team

    emergency shelter, refugee tents, military tents

    Nanjing Sanchuan Pavilion Mfty. Co. Ltd.


    Author: Markus Pauels

    2 thoughts on “Refugee and military tentmanufacturer!

    • June 7, 2015 at 2:20 am

      I want to know if I can order a dome tent that has no windows and how mch is it

      • June 10, 2015 at 8:27 pm

        Hello, yes you can order tents without windows. To get you a price, i need drawing, size, specs and quantity.

        kind regards

        Nanjing Sanchuan Pavilion Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
        Markus Pauels (Marketing Director)
        Chunhua Industrial Park
        Jianing District, Nanjing City
        P.R. China, Postcode 211122
        Markus Pauels
        Tel: ++86 137 7655 0834

        Our Location:
        Latitude: 31°56′5.07″N
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