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Tent manufacturer China Nanjing Sanchuan Pavilion Manufacturing Co., Ltd. since 1954.


Tent manufacturer china was started by Mr. Jiang An Chuan  as a government employee in 1954. The factory was a government cooperative. In the humble beginning, production was limited to umbrellas and simple tents. Over the years the supply of materials has greatly increased and the tents just got bigger and better. In 1992 Mr. Jiang took over the factory in the course of privatisation and has been growing ever since.

At this time the production capabilities have increased to metal works, fabric department, RD product development and a whole set of new implement for quality control including ISO certification. As the factory was located in the center of Nanjing, the Chinese government bought the land for housing development and Mr. Jiang build this beautiful new factory shown in the pictures below.

With now over 35,000 m2 factory floor, more than 250 skilled worker Nanjing Sanchuan Pavilion Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces emergency shelter supplies, refugee tents, military tents, military shelter, wedding tent, pavilion, car port, frame tent, canvas tent, large tent, frame tents, canvas tents, large tents.

As a large tent manufacturer skill of workers is everything. We treat our worker good and many stay a very long time, some over 20 years. We keep our product development and production at a high quality level with the help of a loyal workforce.

Worldwide clients include UNHCR, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNICEF, Red Cross, Swiss DEZA, Swiss army, various government bodies purchasing military shelter as well as a wide selection of clients from the private sector.

Our emergency shelter have been used in disaster and war areas to provide housing relieve for the victims. Among others, our shelter helped in Iraq, Iran, Sichuan and Turkey earthquake. UNICEF is using our large shelter to provide housing for children.

For further information about us and our products, please contact us anytime.


Emergency Shelter Factory Entrance
Tent Factory
Tent factory production
Tent factory production stitching
Factory Floor Stitching
Tent factory production stitching 2
Factory floor Fabrics
Tent factory production
Tent factory production
Tent factory production assembling
Tent factory inspection
Tent factory inspection
DEZA emergency shelter inspection
Tent factory inspection DEZA
Swiss military tent inspection
Tent factory inspection
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